Super Backup Restore Apk

The fastest info reinforcement and reinstate equipment on golem telephones!

You can reinforcement applications, contacts, instant messages, decision history, bookmarks, logbooks to your SD card, Gmail, or Google Drive

You can share institution APK document to your companions by one faucet.
You will ne'er lose your info again.


In the event that you simply conceive to complete associate industrial facility reset on the phonephone, it'd be ideal if you guarantee default reinforcement organizer is in your outside SD card before doing it. If not, if you do not mind duplicate the complete reinforcement organizer ("SmsContactsBackup" as a matter of course) to your outside SD card


Since golem M, get to bookmarks from outsider application is game, thus Super Backup cannot reinforcement and reinstate bookmarks.


On the off probability that you simply set up programmed reinforcements, and you utilize some applications, as an example, Task Killer or Memory Clear, it'd be ideal if you make sure you had embrace Super Backup into their White List or Ignore list.


When you completed the SMS reinstate method, however the messages weren't shown in your default SMS application, kindly endeavor to boot your contraption.


  1. Backup applications to SD card
  2. Backup and reinstate application's data(need root)
  3. Batch reinstate applications from SD card (need root)
  4. One faucet to share APK documents
  5. will select SMS discussions to reinforcement
  6. Schedule programmed reinforcements
  7. Auto-transfer planned reinforcement records to your Google Drive or Gmail
  8. will transfer reinforcement documents from Google Drive
  9. will reinforcement Contact's gathering and movie properties
  10. decision Recorder: Support reinforcement your voice decision recording. It will consummately record the phonephone decision voices to mp3 documents. Record the 2 sides voice unmistakably

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